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Help with Roku new deep linking (roInputEvent) requirements

Hi Roku devs,

By some reason I can't catch "roInputEvent" on my device.
My steps:
- added supports_input_launch=1 to manifest file
- uploaded code with debugging print to my device:

else if type(msg) = "roInputEvent" then
     print "====MSG INCOME"
end if

- opened, added my device by IP
- my channel ID is "dev"
- trying to send Input event using following URLs:


- I don't see the debugging print call in device logs. Deep Linking Tester replies "Please install the channel first", but my channel is on a device.
- I didn't try Deep Linking Tester application on a device, because it sends "launch" events only.
- I tried directly with curl and Mac application. Same issue.
- "launch" event works fine

My OS is 9.1.0-4074-55. I also tried on 9.2.0.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Roku Guru

Re: Help with Roku new deep linking (roInputEvent) requirements

So as per my understanding, roInputEvent is basically to enable you to deeplink your resources when the app is running/open.
So you'll need to either listen to it in the main event loop or start a task which does the same (there is a sample shared in the docs.

To raise events use cUrl or PostMan (or any other web tool ) to POST this url to the Roku : http://<rokuip>:8060/input?contentId=iidii&mediaType=episode 
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