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Help needed with scroll

I have created a screen using image canvas .And i want to implement scroll on it.One of my screen has some movie Thumbnails .On that screen a User should be able to scroll down on click of down button.I have used universal control to write event loops and I am able give focus to a particular thumbnail .And I m able to move the focus to up and down ,left and right.But that is limited to no of rows being displayed on the screen .If I have around 40 thumbnails displayed 4 in a row ,So that makes it 10 rows...My page is displaying 3 rows.So now after coming to the third row if press down the 4th row should be visible i.e the screen should show 2nd,3rd and 4th row.I am not able to do that.Please kindly suggest me a way to do it ........And if possible ....please provide me with a code snippet
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