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Help needed building first channel

Hi everyone.
I'm just getting started and trying to work out how to set up my first channel. I don't have a budget to work with so really I can't pay anyone to do this for me. I've modified the example video player provided by roku and cosmetically it looks very promising. However I really don't know where to start with modifying it to suit any given hosting service. The blurb in the readme is as follows:

The application uses a category based XML feed 
to drive the application. The XML describes all
of the categories used, artwork required and
videos to be played. The hierarchy of categories 
is described in the file categories.xml.  
The actual XML request/response uses our servers, 
but the XML is all included for reference.

Are there any specific hosts that would lend themselves to using this or would it need to be seriously 're-plumbed' internally to support whichever I end up choosing? The getting started guide talks about needing an 'Online Video Platform' or a 'Content Delivery Network'  but does not explain how these differ or why you might choose one over the other. I'm a little lost right now, even though I'm essentially stood right at the finish line.

Thanks in advance.
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