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Help getting viewers for non risque family or action channels.

Hi guys, new poster so please forgive me if I am in the wrong area. Now that the New and Notable sections are gone. How are we to promote and gain viewers? I am posting on social media. We have been in the Roku Guide (love that). But, our non-risque and grindhouse channels are just about faltering. Where can we go to get the viewers? I really like our family and classic channels (INC Family, DRAW, Spaghetti Westerns and more, Rabbit Ears TV, WEST TV, not plugs just examples) and I want to keep family programming alive. But how? Almost all of our revenues come from our action and sexy channels. But even those are beginning to shrink without links from new and notable releases.  New and Notable gave us that boost to get new eyes on us.  I know you all are in the same boat. I sure could use your advice! 

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Re: Help getting viewers for non risque family or action channels.

So whats new or notable about those Channels?

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Channel moved to private by Roku

Hi everyone, a few weeks ago Roku (apparently) moved one of our best channel to "Private". We have nothing more than "R" rated movies and shows. They had requester a couple years ago that we clearly mark our "Mature" content. We did and all was well. Now, without notice we were removed from the channel store and made Private? Our family channels do fine. But our mature channels do much better. My question is HOW do you keep bringing new viewers to a Private Channel? Front page is gone. What do you recommend? Thanks for any help. We started an app, but that will take time, and so far admob is not great to deal with. These are great channels (IMHO).  We hate to see them languish. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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