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Help/Advice Needed | Vimeo Roku App | Channel Auto Closes

On Vimeo Pro, there is an option to stream directly to Roku via their Vimeo Roku App. 

I went into Roku Developer, and updated my BIBLE TV roku channel.  Everything shows up great.  

Stream is updated and approved.  Feed status the same.  I can even preview it on their website and it's all great. 

When I go to Roku (Already updated/restarted device & channel).  The channel comes up, but it auto crashes while trying to load.  

Any Ideas? I tried writing Roku via the contact button but it says "Opps Try again later, something is wrong".  That is why I came here.  THANK YOU for taking of your time.  Smiley Very Happy

Vimeo Stream:


Maybe try installing and tell me if it works? I just use it to post my regular ministry videos and now it doesn't work Smiley Sad  Thanks!

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Re: Help/Advice Needed | Vimeo Roku App | Channel Auto Closes

I can help you with Vimeo Roku app
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