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HTTP POST call using roku for nested data JSON body

Hi All,

I am new to Roku TV app developing. 
1> finding difficulty in executing HTTP post call from BrightScript.
Sample Code
var http_post_body = {
auth_token : abcdef,
user : {
email_id : "",
password : "welcome"

readInternet = createObject("roUrlTransfer")
print readInternet.getToString()

/*More info*/
- I am using Task node and Screen Graph XML 
- Not able to send nested json in http post calls from Roku

2> We are trying to build multi screen good UI application, please advice me if i need to use Screen Graph XML or Pure Brightscript form of coding.

Thanks and Regards
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Roku Guru

Re: HTTP POST call using roku for nested data JSON body

From my experience thus far, I would recommend avoiding Scene Graph.  It's a learning curve and seems there are disadvantages, I don't see much advantage.  Others may have a different perspective.

Regarding HTTP post, you should be able to start with an example and modify it to get it working.  Regarding nested JSON, I believe you will need to convert to a string prior to POST'ing
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