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HLS Stream Issues (Stop after X Amount of Time)

Hello All, 
I'm creating a channel for a stream that I can get via VLC, but want the stream on my Roku (No Other Option). I've gone through an have understood a little more information based on how the m3u8 file is and how it is played. I've also gone through and have played the m3u8 file through the Stream Tester. (Note: I did not create the m3u8 I am using, it is an outside source)

The link plays through VLC, however, I have to set VLC to Loop (Loop Current), otherwise it stops as well. When playing on the roku the m3u8 file plays for roughly 1 minute, then fails. I can rewind anywhere  from 3 to X secs, and play again, and it will play for another minute and fail... and so on. I can go out of the app and back in and it will play again for the minute and fail... etc. I played the m3u8 file in the Stream tester and it played, but failed after 1 minute. The first image is the test results, the second is when it failed.

Stream Tester Results: Image
Stream Tester Failed after 1 minute. Image

I started reading through m3u/m3u8 files and their settings. Here's how the file is setup.
<TS link>
[size=85][font=monospace]<TS link>[/font][/size]
[size=85][font=monospace]<TS link>[/font][/size]
[size=85][font=monospace]<TS link>[/font][/size]
[size=85][font=monospace]<TS link>[/font][/size]
<TS link>
<TS link>

My understanding is that the m3u8 file plays for 11 seconds, the ts links plays for about a total of 57 seconds. (I Know i need to learn a lot of these, but My understanding limited at the moment, please bare with me). 

I am wondering if there is an option to allow for Roku to loop the feed, or how can I tell the Player to continue to play. Please note, that, I have other m3u8 files I have been able to play, and do not have any issues, however, I do with others.

I am using the Roku Scene Graph channel for the grid and Video player and developing through Eclipse with Brightscript plugin. Here's the setContent Sub with the ContentNode info.

sub setContent()
  ContentNode = CreateObject("roSGNode", "ContentNode")
  ContentNode.StreamFormat = "HLS"
  ContentNode.Live = "TRUE"
  ContentNode.MinBandwidth = "2600"
  ContentNode.StreamBitrates = "128"
  ContentNode.StreamQualities = "SD"
  ContentNode.url = "http://[URL-REMOVED].m3u8"

'.... Move stuff is here, but the above is the ContentNode info
end sub

Thoughts and pointers?
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