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HLS Latency

Hi, I am streaming a live SD event to the Roku using Wowza running on Amazon AWS. The Roku player is a minute or more behind the live event. The Roku seems to take a long time to load the stream before it begins playing it. I can also watch the same Wowza HLS stream on my iPad and while it does have some latency, as compared to the live event, it is much better than the Roku in terms of latency.

My questions are:

1. Can the Roku be tuned to have less latency?

2. Can the Wowza HLS stream be tuned to have less latency?

I can live with ten or maybe twenty seconds of latency from the live event but a minute plus is not going to be a good solution for my application.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: HLS Latency

Did you manage to get your latency down? We're having the same issue, but in our case we are probably going to bypass Wowsa and generate the HLS (or h.264) streams ourselves.

What is a minimum latency for Roku, assuming a "perfect" stream? Will it always buffer a certain amount before displaying anything?
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Binge Watcher

Re: HLS Latency

This should get your video playing a closer to real time instead of starting from the oldest segment in the window:


It will still be behind real time.

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Re: HLS Latency

Thanks Joel...

Do you know if there is a lower limit? Will the Roku always buffer a certain amount, and if so, is that minimum amount known?

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