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Guide to Set up Roku Channels


I am in the process of developing a channel for Roku. I have been able to do a proof-of-concept for this.
I have used a VLC player to encode and stream the video/audio to Wowza server. I used the roku provided simpleVideoPlayer application to play this video on a Roku player (VLC played one file only even if I added multiple files to the list). I plan to setup one channel now and will have 4/5 channel in the future.

To take this to next steps, I am looking for some guidance regarding:
1. Options for encoders (hardware based or software based)?
2. One encoder per channel (Hardware encoder) or can one encoder provide encoding for multiple channels?
3. Other options in addition to using Wowza media server?
4. I have a video capture card (AverMedia c027 PCIe HD) and want to feed the video directly to wowza media server (I know this is not under roku, but in case someone has tried this.) Any idea how to do this?

Any help pointing me to the information/documentation/comparison is much appreciated.

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