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Guide on how to create a screensaver

Hi. As said in the title, is there a detailed guide on how to create a public screensaver? Nothing fancy, just a set of pictures (maybe with an audio on background) that I'd like to upload for everyone to use as screensaver. I'm struggling to start. There are files here, but not actual steps of what-to-do. 

I downloaded the RALE program, but since I'd like to make a screensaver, how/where do I upload the pictures/urls?

A can-be developer.

Thank you.

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Re: Guide on how to create a screensaver

I don't know of a guide, but developing a screensaver isn't significantly different than developing any other channel with the notable difference being that not all components are available in a screensaver.  The most notable being that you can't play video or audio (with the exception of short sound effects in WAV files).  For your example I'd probably learn how to use the roScreen components to display the pictures and avoid the Scene Graph stuff.  You can start by just creating a regular channel that displays the pictures and then it should be trivial to convert it to a screensaver.


Good luck!


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Re: Guide on how to create a screensaver

A little late to this party, so I rather doubt the OP is still looking for answers, but here's a couple good resources I've found for getting started:

Crash Course in Roku SDK - Not specific to Screensavers, but a great resource nonetheless.

Chris Taylor's Roku-GooglePhotos - This is both a slideshow app and screensaver.  But I loved it because it really showed me how to create a settings menu for my screensaver and how to utilize the device registry to store the settings selections.

For what it's worth, I am hosting the photos for my screensaver on my own domain. I created a mySql database for the images so I can add categories and captions, and wrote a little xml api using php in order to serve the images to my screensaver.

Hope this helps folks!  Good luck and happy coding!!

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