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I have a grid with thumbnails, user selects one and gets a canvas with the full size image. Two things:

1) Is it possible to have the canvas draw over the grid without destroying it so the grid doesn't have to reload? Tried changing the canvas layer-no go.

2) I'm using the MRSS grid templete for my grid. I have replaced the springboard in the templete with my imagecanvas. when the canvas closes, the grid resets but only remembers the row from the selected item not the item itself. So if you select row 2 item 6, when you come back after closing the canvas the grid focused item is row 2 item 0. I can not find anything in the springboard.brs file ( grid remembers proper item coming back from springboard in templete) that would effect this and have not changed the grid code except moving the sub below so it could be launched after the app opens. I know i did it, just not sure what.


Sub GridRowz()

m.content = NWM_Content()

facade = CreateObject("roPosterScreen")
selection = ShowGridScreen({ focusedList: 0, focusedItem: 0 }, canvas, facade)
while selection <> invalid
selection.focusedItem = GridDetail(selection.items, selection.focusedItem, "", "")
selection = ShowGridScreen(selection)
end while


End Sub
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