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Grammar, BNF/EBNF for BrightScript?

Is there a grammar file available for BrightScript?
Specifically, is there a complete BNF or EBNF somewhere?
Based on other threads, I'm guessing nothing's been made available yet, but this has to exist somewhere in the depths of Roku corporate, right?

The reason I'm asking...
I was hoping to begin developing some IDE support for BrightScript code development... and the obvious starting point, regardless of which IDE, is to have a BrightScript parser.
I've started down the path of creating one myself by leveraging existing VBA/VBScript grammar files, but it's slow-going due to the notable number of language differences, the fact that the grammar files I'm leveraging have some less-than-perfect constructs, etc..

Having a BrightScript grammar file, preferably in BNF/EBNF, and preferably one which the actual on-box BrightScript interpreter is based on, would be a huge leg up for anyone hoping to develop an IDE plugin or other development tool.
So, Roku corporate folks - can you make a BrightScript BNF/EBNF available?
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