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Google Sign In Option In Roku

Hi Everyone,

I need to create a login system in roku channel. And My requirement is that we can use Google Sign In API over here?.

So, if anyone knows it is possible?. If it is possible means, what are the steps to do it.?

It would to be helpful to decide and start my channel work.

Thank you in advance.

I am using Roku 4 - 4400X Model.
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Roku Guru

Re: Google Sign In Option In Roku

I think Google Sign-In is only available for web pages (via JavaScript), IOS, and Android.

However, OAuth2 works well on the Roku for letting users sign in with their Google accounts. For an example of an OAuth2 implementation for the Roku, check out the Picasa2 Channel on GitHub:, in particular the files private-git.brs (for instructions on how to set up your Google account keys), oauth.brs (for the OAuth2 code) and regScreen.brs (for the Registration Screen code).
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