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Level 9

Global font setting

Is there a mechanism that allows a developer to set a font that can be used across all font-capable nodes in your application? I just realized that even roAppManager doesn't appear to have font attributes.

If application-level font-setting is not possible, is there a way to define a named font in your XML and then reference it from your labels etc?

I am aware that you can pass a <Font> node to a label or programmatically assign the font in code on a per-item basis. It just seems bizarre that you have to do it for every node, manually.
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Level 7

Re: Global font setting

Is there a standard answer for this? 

I ended up making a custom component that extends Label, and sets the default font family, weight and size, and allows you to change weight and size with component parameters.  Then I just use my custom label everywhere, and I get my font without all of the <Font> nodes everywhere.  

If there is a simpler, more global way to do this, I'd love to know.

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