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Funny HLS Behavior with roVideoPlayer

I've been experiencing an issue playing some HLS streams via a roVideoPlayer on non new models (up to and including the Roku 4). Playback appears fine on Express, Premiere, and Ultra models. The issue is that at some points during the stream (always at the same time for a specific video), the video "freezes" while the audio continues. This may last a varying amount of time depending on the particular HLS stream.

Additionally, if I load a stream at a position at which the video would be "frozen", on non new models, the playback will skip ahead to the first non-frozen position and play normally from that point. For example, if the video normally "freezes" from 4:30 to 4:40, if were to load the video at 4:33, playback would begin at 4:41. On Premiere and Ultra models, the playback will skip ahead to the first non-frozen position, but the stream will play at something that looks like it might be 4x speed. On Express models, the playback will not skip ahead and will continue to play a black screen while the audio continues.

I can't test it now, but I'm about 80% sure there were no playback issues with the same HLS streams before the firmware 7.5 update. We can also see that the roVideoPlayer received some updates in 7.5. There are no playback issues of the same HLS streams in roVideoScreen (which received no updates according to the 7.5 release notes). These same HLS's play normally on all other non Roku devices.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? Does anyone know what the issue might be?

Re: Funny HLS Behavior with roVideoPlayer

In case anybody stumbles across this...

As an update, I made a mistake previously, and the issue occurs in each of the roVideoPlayer, roVideoScreen, and the scene graph video node.
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