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Force Trickplaybar refresh?

Is there a way to force the trickplaybar to refresh before manually showing/hiding it?

I am controlling the playback via a mobile app and thus have encountered the trickplaybar not showing problem when controlling the video player programmatically (pause/resume for ex).

I've ventured around the problem via some "hacks" suggested here on the forums, by attaching the trickplaybar to my own hud holder and observing the visibilityHint so i can animate the show/hide of the trickplay bar. The trickplaybar gets properly updated if i press controls on the remote but it doesnt update its values otherwise (current position or play/pause status).

I've went through the docs, printed various fields to find any hint of how to update the trickplay bar fields but with no success.... is there a known way to mimic the the trickplaybar update via the remote? I suppose that the video player updates the trickplaybar before showing it after it processes the received key event but there are no trickplaybar fields i can update myself even?

Note: i am aware i can send ECP commands and thus mimic the behaviour but this will only work with play/stop/pause/resume, i need a programmatic way to do it since my mobile app enables seek functionality and i would like to show the updated trickplaybar once the user issues the command from the app.
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