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Font rendering not smooth on 2DAPI

Hi All,

I am rendering a custom font on both roCompositor and roImageCanvas. The text appears to be very smooth on imagecanvas, however, the text rendered using 2D is very sharp and jagged. Is there a way to make it smooth? I tried

mode = 1

But this doesn't make a noticeable difference on how it renders.

Could you suggest a way to render fonts smooth using 2DAPI?

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Level 7

Re: Font rendering not smooth on 2DAPI

You may want to check this out to see if it can help:
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Re: Font rendering not smooth on 2DAPI

If you're calling SetScaleMode on the region you're rendering the text to (destination region), it won't do anything; it has to be called on the source region.

Draw the text on a bitmap, unscaled (use ifFont.GetOneLineHeight () and ifFont.GetOneLineWidth () to calculate its size). Create a region that maps onto that bitmap. Then call SetScaleMode (1) on that region (source region) before calling DrawScaledObject to get the text from that region to your destination region.
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