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Reel Rookie

Flight Information Display System Using Roku

There is something called Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), they display the flight arrival and departure at Airports. 

In Flight Information Display Systems, each aircraft information is displayed in a rectangle component. Each rectangle has aircraft number, arrival time, status. I am wondering if I can build something similar using Roku.

Considering the fact that Roku has a good way to register and activate device, I am wondering if I can build a "Live Board" which looks similar to the ones in airports (dynamic not like digital signage), call REST API at regular interval to get latest data and show it in the whole TV screen. 

Is this a crazy idea for Roku or is it feasible? If so, what component I need to use to build something like a program guide? 

Thank you! 

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Roku Guru

Re: Flight Information Display System Using Roku

This could absolutely be done using the nodes at your disposal in SceneGraph.  Create a task node that downloads the data from the REST API, sleeps for a period of time, and loops back with an while true loop, (or you could use a timer node) then update a content node field of the data.  On the render thread an observer (observefield or a messageport) would watch the content node field and update labels or a label list or whatever component you wanted to use for the display output.  This would be a bare bones approach that you could embellish as you'd like.

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