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Fixes for Roku in Marmalade

The newest release (v8.2) of Marmalade SDK includes a few fixes for the Roku platform
"8.2 Release Notes" wrote:
  • MSDK-2239 Fixed an issue where the Roku remote would not be recognised if it is in "sleep" mode when the app is started.

  • MSDK-2129 Replaced deprecated requires_bluetooth manifest option with requires_gaming_remote.

  • MSDK-2128 Fixed an issue where wrong value would be assigned to requires_bluetooth (now requires_gaming_remote) manifest option when set in the Hub.

It's the first update for Roku since v7.7 almost a year ago. These fixes brought to you courtesy of yours truly, who has been dutifully reporting issues in their forums and even used a premium support ticket to push through MSDK-2239. I believe i deserve pat on back for the valiant efforts, so DIY (somewhat pitiful, yes) - pat-pat, good job!

For the life of me, i could not entice them to review and fix the persist_quota=16384 default in their docs and Hub template. See ... -16kb.html (no understanding / apathy?)

@RokuCo -
can you contact your partners @MarmaladeTechLtd and ask them to fix this omission?
After all, it is the kind of thing that kills Rokus...
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Re: Fixes for Roku in Marmalade

There might be some light at the end of the `persist_quota` tunnel - over a year since i started poking them, seems at last it was raised as Marmalade issue MSDK-3107.

What i am puzzled by is how come nobody at RokuCo is bothered pushing for a fix?! I have reported it

I mean, being known that the (d)effected games cripple purple turtles in the wild - why the lack of concern?
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Re: Fixes for Roku in Marmalade

Why do you think that no one at Roku has been pushing for a fix?

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Re: Fixes for Roku in Marmalade

"RokuMarkn" wrote:
Why do you think that no one at Roku has been pushing for a fix?

Couple of reasons:
(a) because i haven't heard from you guys in a year, even as ticket is open on my account (presumably), + no reply to the folowup posts i made here

(b) it's hard to believe that i was actually able to make my way through to MarmaladeLtd ears any faster than RokuCo could have.
As an indie developer, i have the motive force of approximately an ion propulsion engine - it took me over a year!

Comparatively, how hard would it been for a RokuCo employee to email their partner @Marmalade? Or pick up the phone and call them. In British accent, if need be (i saw somewhere that RokuCo has a branch in Cambridge, UK). The trivial typo would have been fixed the same day in the documentation; within a month in the next binary release?
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Re: Fixes for Roku in Marmalade

I have to admit my loss here :? - i had greatly overestimated my superhero powers.
The ticket on this i had pursued tenaciously with Marmalade Ltd since June 2015 got shot down in October 28, 2016:

"Marmalade Support" wrote:
I came across this ticket during a review of all outstanding tickets. Sorry for the delay in our response.

I have investigated this issue and have found out that we believe this is an issue with the Roku NDK and we have forwarded this information to them.

As there is nothing further that we can do to assist you, this ticket will now be closed.

Best regards,
Marmalade Support

"Issue solved" by declaring that Roku's NDK is the one to blame, so the ball is back in RokuCo's court. I am most curious by what magic do they expect Roku to fix the Marmalade SDK's builder that creates manifest with a wrong default - and the Marmalade doc which says 16MB and not 16KB.

PS. The above was the reply by Marmalade support on my zendesk #10881. Separately, a sympathetic raised an internal issue MSDK-3107 but I have no way to check the status on that, now that he (and most anyone i knew by name) is no more with Marmalade Studios ...
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