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Level 7

File Server vs Streaming Server with Roku

This may be an obvious question but can a standard file server (as opposed to a streaming server like Edgecast) be used to host MP4's with Roku hardware?

If the Roku hardware encodes the files "on the fly" then a standard file server can be used correct? (since MP4s technically don't "stream").

We typically work with flv files on Edgecast, so I just want to be sure before we start throwing MP4 files up on our file server.

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Level 8

Re: File Server vs Streaming Server with Roku

For testing, any HTTP server will work as long as it provides sufficient bandwidth to read the file in real time. The server must also support HTTP byte-range requests. When actually deployed to customers, a CDN is recommended because a single server is unlikely to provide sufficient bandwidth to support a large customer base.

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