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Level 7

Feature Suggestion - Archive while playing

A very nice feature for saving bandwidth would be an archiving option. While the stream played it is also save to the USB. (Jump drive or Hard drive).

My channel loops its content. A feature like this could dramatically decrease my bandwidth usage.
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Level 7

Re: Feature Suggestion - Archive while playing

don't hold your breath. this would be a security breach for licensed content (netflix, amazon, etc). it's a streaming device. it doesn't download and save, it only buffers and plays.
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Level 7

Re: Feature Suggestion - Archive while playing

Our video player will never allow storage of the streams that it plays.

However, roUrlTransfer could save to a file on the USB drive and the video player could play files off the USB drive....

You have the ability for your script to "archive" or "cache" content that your channel has access too.

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