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FTP Amazon S3 Permissions

I have been using CrossFTP to upload and manage my files on Amazon S3.
My files are Video and XML files and I have not been too happy with
CrossFTP so today I bought ForkLift which is a Mac client and has good reviews.
I was hoping I could get my original keys but the secret key
was not able to be accessed.
I generated a new set but I am getting a error of not being able to connect to the
S3 Server.
I The Options I have are:

Protocol: (set to Amazon S3)
Server: (set to
Secret Key:

Then more options you can select if needed

Port: 443
Local Path:
Base URL:
Encoding: set to Western

I can not figure out what I am doing wrong,
I created a new set of keys and a new user.
CrossFTP is still working using the original keys.

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Level 7

Re: FTP Amazon S3 Permissions

You can probably get them or create new ones using the security credentials page of the AWS console
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Re: FTP Amazon S3 Permissions

Amazon doesn't give out your original keys anymore, so if you lose them, you can create new users with new keys - otherwise you're out of luck.
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Re: FTP Amazon S3 Permissions

Thanks for your help,
I just had to delete one of the two keys to create a new key.
You are allowed a maximum of two keys.
Thanks for the link a great resource!
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