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External Control Across Subnet

Hi all,

I'm a Crestron programmer and am using a module (says written by Matt Rasmussen) for control. The module gives me the URLs for the App Icons and provides control.

My customer is using an an iPad for control but their WiFi network is outside of my AV router. So, I have some port forwards to make everything work. 

When I forward port 8060 through to access resources such as icons, I am getting a 403 forbidden error. I am guessing I am also getting the same for control too. I realize this is likely some sort of security implementation but is there a way to allow this to work? Or will ECP ONLY work on the subnet in which the Roku resides?


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Community Moderator

Re: External Control Across Subnet

Hi @muzicman82,

The Roku device and your local machine need to be on the same network to issue ECP commands.

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