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Level 11

Exiting own Screensaver also exits Main channel?!

I seem to have ran into a something about screen savers behavior that does not seem right.

A channel X defines own^ screensaver by implementing RunScreenSaver(). When X is running and timer expires, X's RunScreenSaver() is invoked - so far, so good.

However i observe that when i press a button to wake up from SS, instead of returning control to X's main/RunUserInterface() - it just exits to Home screen. The app was terminated somehow.

What gives? What am i doing wrong? I thought those were separate threads/environments.
7.1.4062, side-loaded "dev"

(^) sometimes referred to as "private", albeit screensaver_private may not be set in manifest, so depending - may or may not be private
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Level 9

Re: Exiting own Screensaver also exits Main channel?!

My 2 Roku 3's are on 7.1.4062-04. I do not see this - dev channel, dev channel screensaver

Because it seems mysterious, i was wondering if you are doing any component mixing ( built-in components in a roScreen app for instance)? There is a behavior that I ran into, and have seen descriptions of something that sounds very similar with SceneGraph channels ( which I know nothing about). The behavior is this - You need to run a built-in component in a roScreen based channel. The component does it's thing and then you hit back to go somewhere else. The component exits as it should, but the "back" command somehow stays alive and proceeds to exit the next screen it comes to. Probably not related to your issue, but like i said, the mysterious part sounded familiar and i don't think this was ever addressed in the firmware.
Kinetics Screensavers
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