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Reel Rookie

Error on DASH stream - pump:Missing or invalid Movie Fragment Box

Having problems with a stream that plays back well on Chrome, Firefox and Android.

Using the most basic players and DRM configuration I get the error:

the error is==>{"category":"mediaerror","clipid":0,"dbgmsg":":pump:Missing or invalid Movie Fragment Box.","errcode":1,"ignored":false,"source":""}

On screen, the video loads, but the "Retrieving" loading bar never completes and no frame of video appears.

Has anyone seen this error before?

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8" ?>

<!--********** Copyright 2016 Roku Corp.  All Rights Reserved. **********-->

<component name = "VideoExample" extends = "Scene" >

  <script type = "text/brightscript" >


    sub init()
      videocontent = createObject("RoSGNode", "ContentNode")

      videocontent.title = "Example Video"
      videocontent.streamformat ="dash"

      videocontent.url = "" ="exampleVideo")"state","errorStateAvailable") = videocontent = "play"

    end sub

    sub errorStateAvailable()
      ?"the states are=>"
        ?"the error is==>"formatJSON(
      end if

    end sub



  <children >

    <Video id = "exampleVideo"/>


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