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Enhanced debug logging (new)

And is there any way to turn off the extra noise in the debugger logs?  You know, the lines added that now show up every single time a sideloaded app is executed that we're not interested in?
I thought this junk was only displayed if you enabled the performance monitoring in the manifest for the zip to sideload - at least it used to be that way?

------ Compiling dev 'Video Library SG' ------
01-27 21:51:58.865 [scrpt.cmpl.time] Compiled 'Video Library SG', id 'dev' in 7 milliseconds
01-27 21:51:58.885 [scrpt.load.mkup] Loading markup dev 'Video Library SG'
01-27 21:51:59.011 [scrpt.load.mkup.time] Loaded markup dev 'Video Library SG' in 125 milliseconds
01-27 21:52:00.472 [ui.frm.plugin.running.enter] Entering PLUGIN_RUNNING for dev
01-27 21:52:00.527 [] UI: Entering 'Video Library SG', id 'dev'

------ Running dev 'Video Library SG' runuserinterface ------
01-27 21:52:11.632 [ui.frm.plugin.running.exit] Exiting PLUGIN_RUNNING for dev

btw the 4400X there is something I tell it to print.  So that line is ok - but the rest is useless for me unless I tell the package to display it, IMO.
bs_prof_enabled=true or false -- I don't have that in the manifest so it shouldn't be automatically selecting true/on for me unless I tell it to.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Enhanced debug logging (new)

i split this off , since it's separate concern (both are new debug output since 8.0 but different nature).

No worries re profiler - printing out compile times is not related to B/S profiling, you are just seeing more info output.
I don't know there being a way to turn this on/off - nor do i think we should be feature-creep splitting hairs over this.
I don't have strong feelings one way or the other (as a Roku insider, i've had access to that info while developing already) - but feels having this will help in some cases.
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Level 10

Re: Enhanced debug logging (new)

Thanks RokuNB.
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