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EndPoint Roku uses for bandwidth.minute

Hi, Pasted below is the code snippet which recieves the roSystemLogEvent and tries to print the bandwidth.minute.
I have my roku connected to 50Mpbs internet via ethernet( verified bandwidth using speedtest).
But the bandwidth.minute gives bandwidth in the range of 6000 to 10000 kpbs max.
Since the below code do not have any VideoScreen object, playing anything I am curious about the parameters Roku is looking to calculate the bandwidth which is too low than what speed test is showing.
Can anyone help me to understand roku behavior in this case?

Library "v30/bslDefender.brs"

sub Main(argArr = invalid as Dynamic )
m.port = CreateObject("roMessagePort")
m.syslog = CreateObject("roSystemLog")

while true 'not m.appFinished ' this is hold on for the activit config , please do it
msg = m.port.getMessage()
if msg <> invalid and type(msg) = "roSystemLogEvent"
info = msg.GetInfo()
if info.Lookup("LogType") = "bandwidth.minute"
msgConsumed = true
print "bandwidth.minute: "; info.Lookup("Bandwidth")
else if info.Lookup("LogType") = "http.connect" then
print "http.connect Url: "; info.Lookup("Url")
print "http.connect OrigUrl: "; info.Lookup("OrigUrl")
end if
end while
end sub
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Level 7

Re: EndPoint Roku uses for bandwidth.minute

Please ignore the kpbs or Mpbs typo. I meant kbps and Mbps.
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Level 7

Re: EndPoint Roku uses for bandwidth.minute

Take my ramblings with a grain of salt, but I think the Roku has a limited amount of bandwidth it will process, even with 50Mbps.

If you put in the secret key combo of -
H - H - H - H - H - RW - RW - RW - FF - FF

You might be able to see some change in the values you're getting as you play with some of those settings?
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