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Encoding into HLS Streams!


I am trying to encode my DVDs into HLS streams and I am using Media coder (with X.264) for this. When I use trick play on ROKU, I see disturbance in the video (small blocks) for few frames and then immediately the video quality will be normal. I think whenever I seek to non key frame, it happens. When it encounters the key frame, from that point the video quality will be normal. Is there a way to avoid this disturbance?

I am encoding the video/audio streams into elementary streams and then muxing them into TS using TS-Muxer. Then, I am using split functionality in TS-Muxer to split TS files into segments to use in HLS streams.
Some body mentioned that, there also may be a problem with muxer. Do you suggest any other muxer or HLS segmenter?

Thank you for your time!
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