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Re: ECP install from channel store

"RokuPatrick" wrote:
"koshermetal" wrote:

I'm trying to do the same thing. I would like to have a banner within our channel that provides a call to action to listen to our station using the TuneIn Radio Channel, and launched the Channel Screen from the Channel Store once selected (it's ok if it just loads the Channel Store only if the user doesn't already have TuneIn Radio installed.)

I know I have to get the content ID of the TuneIn channel, but will the example code above work for this?

Also, not sure if TuneIn has a way to send launch parameters so we can directly launch the station from our channel...but that would be cool also.

Anyone feel like helping us out?

I don;t think TuneIn yet supports the deep linking that would be required to launch the channel and start with a specific piece of content.

Assuming it's a standard mp3 stream, the SHOUTcast channel has launch parameters that could be used to play the station directly.
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Level 7

Re: ECP install from channel store

"SolveLLC" wrote:
Here is the code I'm attempting to use.

Function BannerInstall() As String
ip = ""
xfer = CreateObject("roURLTransfer")
ECPUrl= ""
result = xfer.PostFromString("")
End Function

I'm trying to use simIlar code. I'm pulling the true IP from deviceinfo. I tried /launch/12 (netflix) and it does nothing. I tried /launch/11?contentID=12 and is just flashes the splash screen for the store. I tried launching one of my private channels, and nothing... Any ideas?

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Re: ECP install from channel store

This works for me:
Sub RunUserInterface()
screenFacade = CreateObject("roPosterScreen")
port = CreateObject("roMessagePort")
di = CreateObject("roDeviceInfo")
ipaddrs = di.GetIPAddrs()
if ipaddrs.eth0 <> invalid then ipaddr = ipaddrs.eth0
if ipaddrs.eth1 <> invalid then ipaddr = ipaddrs.eth1
print "ipaddr: ";ipaddr

url = "http://"+ipaddr+":8060/launch/11?contentID=12"
xfer = CreateObject("roUrlTransfer")

while true
msg = wait(0,port)
end while
End Su

Note: without the "sleep", it doesn't work.

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