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Dynamic QR Code For Registration

Hi There

I am trying to add a dynamic QR code based utility for user registration, login on my Roku channel. User can scan the QR code from Mobile and that will take user to registration page for completion of registration or login.

Can anyone suggest;

1. Brightscript based QR code generator utility which is supported on Roku powered devices. 

2. Is there any standard that needs to be followed for rendering QR code  on Roku powered devices.



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Channel Surfer

Re: Dynamic QR Code For Registration

There is no QR code generator for Roku that I know of.  You can build one using a task to use the draw2d functions to draw and image and write it to device temp:/ and load it as a poster from there.  Another option is to have the generator server side and fetch the QR image from the server.  There are probably existing QR generator libraries for doing this on the server.

see this thread

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Binge Watcher

Re: Dynamic QR Code For Registration


I would like to integrate QR code scanner for my app in roku channel. But i don't know how to integrate.

Please provide the information for QR code scanner


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Streaming Star

Re: Dynamic QR Code For Registration

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