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Dump SceneGraph Node to XML

Hi all - is there a simple way to dump out an arbitrary SG Node to XML?  I looked at getAllMeta but it doesn't give the proper node types and attributes.  I'd like to use it for debugging purposes so that I don't have to traverse the SG tree by hand with getChildCount and getChild.
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Re: Dump SceneGraph Node to XML

If it's purely for debugging, did you check out these functions?
Although not sure if they're any help since they're similar to what you're already trying...
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Re: Dump SceneGraph Node to XML

Most content of roSgNode&co is already accessible by using the reflection methods from ifSGNodeField and ifSGNodeChildren.

It would be next to trivial writing a recursive function to dump that in XML. This conversion however cannot be 100%, since some field values are composite objects - while XML attributes can only be primitive types (strings, really). In other words, there is no 1:1 mapping between the two; not all roSgNodes can be put back in XML can.

And a notable sore thumb remain the functions, which RSG treats like red-headed stepchild and won't admit even their names.
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