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Driving traffic to channel store page with Facebook

Does anyone have any tips on advertising a channel on Facebook?

If I use my the Roku channel store page as the destination for ad clicks, Facebook seems to think "This is an App Store.  You need to set the ad objective to app install optimization."   Sounds reasonable... but going down that road, I hit another roadblock.  When setting up the "app" in Facebook, there's a dropdown list to select the app type with common things like Google Play Store, Apple Store, etc.  Guess what... no Roku channel store.  It appears that the choice here is important, because the next thing to enter is the app store's URL, but the Facebook system pre-fills the beginning, leaving you to enter only the app ID information.  Well, how do you do this if the Roku Channel Store is not part of their setup?  This is kind of irritating because Facebook knew the URL to be a channel store, but yet doesn't seem to provide hooks to make it work as far as I can tell.

I could direct ad clicks to my website, and then let the user click from there, but that's another step added to the ad funnel that I'd like to avoid.  Any time you add an extra step, you lose a large percentage of the potential conversions.  My plan was to optimize an ad for Roku users on Facebook and send ad clickers directly to the channel store page (actually, to a URL in my website domain that redirects there).  If I enter my redirect URL as the ad destination, Facebook follows the redirect and still reports that I need to set the ad up for app install optimization.

Any thoughts on the Facebook tracking pixel to track conversions?  I would guess that this would already be baked into the app install optimization, if this could be made to work somehow.  If I had to use an intermediary page, I could certainly put the pixel there.  Seems like it would be nice to be able to track actual installs on the channel store page though. 

Thanks in advance!

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