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Does roku3 support AES 128 encrypted HLS stream


I am new to roku development. I deployed the example '' and it runs fine. However when I changed appMain.brs to play a HLS wowza stream which is encrypted with AES 128 key exchange it is not playing. Can you please let me know if roku 3 supports this?

I also tried a different test. i downloaded an mp4 file and placed it on my server drive which can be accessed by a HTTPS url. Even this cannot be played. Can you please let me know if ROKU 3 supports https? If so can anyone provide a sample code to play this?

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Does roku3 support AES 128 encrypted HLS stream

Roku supports AES-128 encryption by default for HLS streams delivered over HTTPS. Can you send us a sample stream that you are having issues with? Second, you may simply need to authenticate using our cert bundle (if you are using our cert for SSL mutual authentication)

videoScreen = CreateObject(“roVideoScreen”)

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