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Direct Publisher Feed Validation

Apologies - this is a double post as I am not quite certain where these forums are being monitored:

I do not know if this is the proper forum for this, but I need help with live stream feed validation.  The problem is that when Roku validates the DP feed, it is doing it when a live event is not scheduled, nor being streamed to.  Therefore, feed fails, feed gets dumped on the update for Roku boxes, and client does not see their live event on their Roku channel, and I get yelled at.  IA m trying not to get yelled at as much.

Does anyone know of any way to get that live stream to either "pass" during feed update, or is there some way to flag out live video so that the feed update takes my word that there will be an event for it.  I have a huge kludge workaround which requires me to actually stream to scheduled live events during the time window when Roku checks the feed, or alternatively, stream to the scheduled events sometime during the day and then manually bump the feed update.  All this seems silly.  

Anyone have any ideas how to do this?  DP has been a great thing, but if this is a true limitation of the system, I am going to have to dump major dollars to develop custom Roku channels again, on top fo the money I have spent to smooth my data for DP.  Validating VoD makes perfect sense for UX, but the whole live thing is frustrating beyond belief.

Anyone?  Bueller?

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