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Dialog to another dialog to scrolling text

I've been trying to troubleshoot my brightscript code for a few days now...

I can get a dialog to display, but cannot add another dialog. I figured duplicating the same code would work, but it will not.

         dialog1 = createObject("RoSGNode","Dialog")
        dialog1.title = "Registration Required"
        dialog1.message = "We see you have not registered your device. To provide access to your purchased content, you will need to visit ...     Press * to Continue"
        dialog1.buttons = ["Continue"]
        dialog1.optionsDialog = true
        dialog1.observeField("buttonSelected","phase1response") = dialog1

I have an observe code where I'm trying to do two things... Trigger a Scrollbox with Terms & conditions to agree to, display a yes/no to agree to terms. Then I want to show a panel with the device code to authenticate the roku with a remote server. Anybody have any suggestions, code?

    sub phase1response()
   = true
            ' ="Terms")
            ' = true
            ' m.termspanel ="scrollabletext")
             dialog2 = createObject("roSGNode", "Dialog")
             dialog2.title = "Device Code"
             dialog2.message = "Code: ROKU-51U2U2"
             dialog2.buttons = ["Continue"]
       = dialog2
        end sub
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