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Device authentication for passing channel certification

 Hi All,

To implement on-device authentication I have download an on-device authentication sample, going through the code I have some doubts please someone helps me out to clarify that. In some places, there are using publisher entitlement link goes here, publisher token key link goes here what is this actually mean? how its get?

for example

function onProductSelected() as void
? "!----------------------new order---------------------!"
? "> onProductSelected"
index = m.productGrid.itemSelected
m.itemSelected = m.productGrid.content.GetChild(index)
? "> selected product code: " m.itemSelected.productCode

' query the publisher server on information on the selected product
#if sampleHardCodedValues
? "< getting publisher information"
m.publisherEntitlement = "true"
m.publisherAccessToken = "TOK8ZQEDDR8AWVJF8AH"
?"< publisher is entitled " m.publisherEntitlement
?"< publisher token: " m.publisherAccessToken
' check roku side if this item has already been purchased = "getPurchases"
makeRequest("url", {uri: "PUBLISHER ENTITLEMENT LINK GOES HERE"}, "getPublisherInfo")
#end if
end function


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