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Deviantart modification

As a complete and total noob, I am having trouble getting the deviant art channel to work with my wordpress feed.

At first my feed was not displaying images, but I found a way to include images with a simple edit to functions.php .

Now that the images are in my feed, the channel seems to freeze when I change it to the following:


The original line is below:

I can't seem to figure out where I'm going wrong.


Figured out that Deviantart feed contained markers that don't exist on my feed. Instead of trying to change the code, I just modified the brs files to read a stripped down XML file (replacing the feed).

Now I have just one problem. How do I force the Roku channel to reload the xml file every hour or so? This will help me add or remove images from the channel without the user having to exit out and re-enter the channel. Its probably just a few lines of code, but unfortunately its out of my mental grasp.

Any help appreciated.