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Developer mode need help

This question has probably been answered 100 times over but ive spent an hour searching on how to do this.. The problem I have is I've got into the developer mode on the roku device using the sequence but whenever i try to goto the IP address the roku specifies it doesn't load up or do anything it just times out. My router ip is , and the roku says its on but it does nothing when trying to get to the page, the router page works fine just the roku doesn't im desperate to get this working. I only want to try to add netflix onto the player as its on now tv so does'nt let me
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Level 8

Re: Developer mode need help

If you are visiting that page from a browser window, it will ask for a username/password. An alternative way to provide this would be to put that info within the URL. So rather than:

You would put


Also, make sure you are using "http", not "https".
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