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Developer candidate, or maybe just your digital gopher?

I just got an "old stock" HDXR (needed the component video outs) Serial #: DOC9CP...

Have been a Ubuntu Linux user since 2006, on the Web since 1996, and have been a beta tester for various Firefox releases and for the past 2 Ubuntu releases. My digital audio is in FLAC format, and I once had a Super Beta VTR.

Have the Roku hooked up to an old 16:9 CRT (!) 1080I set (but can't get Roku 720P - it does accept a DVD players 720P) and a n optical audio to a true 5.1 system. Also can test it on an HDMI 1080P "flatscreen"

I am strangled by an overpriced 3M broadband here (no other available streams; town was privately "fibered" and excludes even "Ma Bell!"

I'd love to test and assist in content - specifically high resolution audio and video. Please no podcasts, "whacky Internet videos" or "streaming talk radio" tests however! My interests are historical preservation and broadcasting of media, conversion of old formats to highest resolution digital archives, vintage quadraphonic audio, and assisting in preventing "the internets" from becoming one fuzzy TV commercial.

Thanks. PM if I can assist.
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Level 7

Re: Developer candidate, or maybe just your digital gopher?

Oh well... Smiley Happy
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