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Demo App not shown in Main Menu

I just "successfully" uploaded one of the SDK demo apps to my Roku unit. And by "successfully," I mean that the browser based installer accepted the .zip file without complaint, and the app is now listed in the browser on the installer page.

So, I was a little surprised to not see my app available in the Roku main menu. Even following a reboot of the box, no sign of it in the UI. The mostly well written Developer's Guide document is very weak when it comes to how and when your app will show up in your Roku UI.

Am I required to have a private channel, even for my internal testing? Is that how my app will be exposed?

Should my app just magically show up in the main menu following the install?

Is there some other step I need to take, following the web browser install, to get it to show up?

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Re: Demo App not shown in Main Menu

It should show up immediately as the last one - the one on the far right.

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Re: Demo App not shown in Main Menu

I've had it not appear.. it was a quick indication that was a problem in compiling the code.
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Re: Demo App not shown in Main Menu

Yep -- thanks everyone for the quick replies. It was indeed a problem with my package structure. I learned this via the debugging output following the install.

Thanks again!
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