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Deep linking to a youtube playlist.

So, this is for personal use, for home automation reasons mostly, been looking all over to try and find a way to do this, I just want to link to either the channels upload playlist, or to the newest video upload, so far this is what I have working:

"curl -X POST ... =video/mp4"

This will link to that specific video and play it just fine, as you can see I can use a videos content ID and a mediatype of video/mp4, but here is a playlist url (linustechtips):


notice how it has a video content id and a list variable, not certain if I need a different media type,or if this is just not possible....

Also while on the discussion, is there a way to change videos/channels without reloading the entire app?

Re: Deep linking to a youtube playlist.

ever have any luck with this? I setup automation to launch a single video but a playlist is the challenge. I have seen a 3rd party command line cast tool, but I'd like to do it natively if possible. 

-ps I'm using Home Assistant and can share my launch of video if needed. 

Re: Deep linking to a youtube playlist.


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