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Reel Rookie

DRM PlayReady - persistent license is worked ?

Device: Roku Ultra 4660X

Application Type: BrightScript SceneGraph

I try to play video stream with drm protection playready and persitant license.

Video is playing, I've been see request to license server and after replay/restart application roku stb again sent request to license server but in `customdata` type is persistent. Roku STB can store persistant license in nand storage and reuse for same streams?

Simple example for to use drm properties for configuration roVideo node:

contentToPlay = createObject("roSGNode", "ContentNode")
contentToPlay.url = "http://..../index.mpd"
contentToPlay.StreamFormat = "dash"
contentToPlay.drmParams = {
    keySystem: "playready"
    encodingType: "PlayReadyLicenseAcquisitionUrl"
    licenseServerURL: "http://license-server/%%%customdata"
m.player.content = contentToPlay
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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: DRM PlayReady - persistent license is worked ?

Hi @legalt 

Does the PlayReady DRM documentation help at all? If not, I will try to get a more detailed response for you shortly.

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Reel Rookie

Re: DRM PlayReady - persistent license is worked ?

Hi, @RokuJonathanD 

Input data:

1. Content "dash" from flussonic streamer with BydrmKeyOs (service for licenses drm)

2. custom_data or token: has license type like persistant and token with ttl on 1 mounth (for example).

3. Application on brightscript language


Abowe I sent code snippet. 

I'm testing stream on webos tv and samsung, and I saw that through proxy-server on license server sent requests only once from devices.

I need support drm playready in my application, but stb device (roku) send request everytime when I playing same content (Token custom_data setted on persistent license type)

I wait that stb save license data on internal stb storage. 

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