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Level 7

Custom Subtitle Color

Hi all,

I would like to set a custom subtitle color. I have a separate .vtt file and want to change the color to a value. I use the roVideoScreen and as content I set an object which has a property;

SubtitleColor: "#ffff00" ( ... Attributes)

I've also set the following settings of the Roku device;

Settings > Captions
Captions mode: On
Text color: Default (set by content)

However, the roVideoScreen component is not showing the subtitles in the hexadecimal color value I've given along the content Object in SetContent().

Does anyone have any idea why the roVideoScreen doesn't show it in the "custom" color?

Thanks in advance.

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Level 7

Re: Custom Subtitle Color

[BUMP] Anyone?  Smiley Very Happy
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