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Creating secure connection to AWS S3 via a side loaded .zip file

I am working to create a side loaded channel that can access my video content on AWS S3.  I have been able to access this content if I keep my S3 bucket public using the VideoExample found here ... deoExample, but have not been able to figure out how to include security settings for the Roku channel if I would like my bucket to be private.   Can anyone help point me in the right direction on this, particularly with an IAM role to control access?  

I have already set up a user with a policy attached via a group in AWS IAM.  I have an access key and a secret key but I want avoid hardcoding it in if possible for security reasons. 

Thank you!
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Re: Creating secure connection to AWS S3 via a side loaded .zip file

Amazon is pestering me about how my buckets are public, but they really aren't published anywhere so the bucket names and files should still be "private" until they are published somewhere, which they aren't.

I don't understand why this topic is never answered by anyone, not even Amazon.  They over-explain it but never really outright say that you can pass the keys in the URL, or if the keys have to be embedded in the HTTP Request, etc.  Then, getting BrightScript to do basic things is like an act of congress.
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