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Concrete Example of ID3 Data from HLS Audio in Audio Node?

I'm using this as a guide

My set up code is like this:

function init() = "AudioPlayer"
  m.metadataTimer ="metadataTimer")
  m.player ="player")
  m.player.notificationInterval = 1
  m.metadataTimer.observeField("fire", "timedMetaDataChanged")
  m.player.timedMetaDataSelectionKeys = [""]
end function

I'm playing an hls audio stream over the internet.

I've set a timer above and also tried 

m.player.observeField("timedMetaData", "timedMetaDataChanged")
timedMetaData is always invalid. 
I've found some tidbits here but these did not work. I'm posting some code this time.
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