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Color Codes

I am having difficulty figuring out what the correct color codes are, especially ColorFieldInterpolator. It seemed like I could just use hex color codes but that seemed to be completely off. I wanted this color (a gray). 

However, when I use it as a keyValue in the ColorFieldInterpolator, I am given shades of blue.

Is there a color dictionary or a way to convert colors to this 'format'? What format are these color codes?

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Re: Color Codes

I haven't used it, but are you giving a full 32 bit value? You should be using 0x585858FF for the keyValue.

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Re: Color Codes

I have determined that the colors are in the format:


Not sure what the '0x' represents, but the last two digits are the alpha values of the color (opacity).

I wrote this forum post for future reference.
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