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Roku Guru

Cloudflare "origin domain" for Roku?

One of the most undocumented security features, or at least I haven't seen any reference to it, is telling us what the domain/name is that pulls the videos for the Video component.  Is it the user's IP address?

I'm finding it very difficult to find a way to 1) do signed URLs using BrightScript.  Absolutely no documentation or examples.  2) Set Cloudflare to only allow ROKU to read the videos I have stored.  This requires a "domain".  I know Roku has one.  I doubt it's "", but shoot me if it is.

Roku, we need to secure our videos which are almost always public for a while.  It's easy for anybody on the web to use a tool to find all open AWS buckets, all CloudFront urls, all CloudFlare urls.

Can I pass into the Video component a PHP web script link that signs and leads to the direct video link?


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