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Channels Installed on Roku But Not Showing Up on Home Screen

Hello Guys,

A massive amount of viewers are telling me that they cannot get my channels or other channels to show up on their Roku devices after installing them! I also am having this issue for days now. I have tried Roku Support...but this is not their seems it is Tech issue related. This seemed to happen after the last System Update. My viewers are at panic about the situation and I am also at my wicks end! I have been testing still to see if I can even add any new and old channels to my just installs but does NOT appear on the home screen...not even after System Updating or System Restart! I had to do a Factory Reset! My viewers are having to do so as well...but they are very frustrated and thus am I. I just do not know what to do. Not everyone wants to do a Factory Reset. It is like the Roku Updates have done something.
Maybe can some of you test this out on your end to see if you have problems adding channels please?

On a separate issue...I noticed also in Developer mode that I cannot change my channels Vanity Access Code...I have a post on here as well about this issue from the other day. Is anyone having this issue?

Please help...would be much appreciated!

Rhonda :shock:
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Re: Channels Installed on Roku But Not Showing Up on Home Sc

I have already posted about this whole ordeal...but here it goes again...JUST IN CASE...AND INCLUDES A LINK TO A VIDEO EXPLAINING ...PLEASE WATCH!

Ok...I have posted in the Roku forums in the past several days this issue and contacted Roku Support...but they were no help!
It seems that this is happening to a lot of people...especially my viewers.

Ever since this new Software Update - Software Version:7.1.0 Build:4062 came out this has been happening:
When I or other try to install a channel on our Roku's ,the channel installs but does NOT show up on the Roku at all after
doing a System just says...System Update for a while and then is like it times out or something.
Anyway...we are NOT getting the channels!

I have tried and others have tried to System Restart...Unplug the Roku and NOTHING STILL. What it comes down to
is we only get the channels if we do a FACTORY RESET! (Which I have done and several others had as well,several times!)

I have tested it on any channel...I have deleted channels and made room...STILL NOTHING!
I have had my network checked and firewall and deleted cookies and cache...reset my Gateway Modem and contacted my ISP and they said everything was fine...STILL NOTHING!

I have 4 Roku's (2 Roku 3's ,1 Roku 4 and the NEW streaming stick(which I Love!) and they ALL are doing it.
This has been happening for a lil over a week I think someone told me...but for me a week.

I have made a video trying to explain and show what I have been dealing with myself.

Can't Roku just sort it out with a NEW Roku update or something...this Software Version: 7.1.0 Build:4062 has done something to all 4 of my Roku's since it happened! Please help. I would so appreciate whomever is the Tech person please. It would be much appreciated.

Wicked Thanks,
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