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Channels Going Down After A Week


Apologies If I am posting in the wrong area or if it has been answered before.

I am having a problem with two channels one published and one unpublished. Both Channels only stay up for a minimum of a week. I am using MyJson and my temporary fix for it is to remake the MyJson link before it goes down again. I was wondering if anyone knows whats going on or if this has happened to anyone else before.

Here Is Other Info I Have.

  • Using Amazon Web Service (S3 If I Remember Correctly)
  • Started A Few Months Ago
  • You Can Access The Channels On Roku But The Listed Videos Will Disappear (It Won't Kick You Out)
  • I Recently Moved One Of The Channels To Another Account But The Same Scenario
  • A 3RD Channel That I Have Unpublished Seems To Be Unaffected

I would assume it has something to do with the server Amazon Web Service but considering the 3RD channel that also uses the same server and stays unaffected, I'm not sure anymore.

Thank You

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