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Channel rejected for http timeout ?


I'm trying to get me channel approved and have tested it with over a 100 different users all in the united states.. Not sure if Roku even works outside the US.. But it was rejected because of an http time out.

The response I got is below.

"The channels are tested in Argentina, usually over a VPN to the USA so it is possible that this is a latency issue, I would suggest increasing the timeouts for any HTTP data the channel retrieves, this will help for users in any area that has high latency in the network."

I have my images and other files hosted on Amazon s3 the streaming server is a wowza xlarge instance also under Amazon the server should be able to support at least 300 clients.. Not really sure what to do with the response.. Do they mean the image files or the hls stream.. And if it is the hls stream how to I increase the hls timeout?

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Roku Guru

Re: Channel rejected for http timeout ?

Probably images and not HLS video. Are you using roUrlTransfer or roTextureRequest and are you using them with a timeout?
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Roku Guru

Re: Channel rejected for http timeout ?

First, check the access logs for your s3, there should be traces from testers access
If that does help, ask for your app's console logs from the Roku on which testing fails (that's iffy)
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